The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

I won't say the age. The general location that we have. Say, I don't know, three grand jurors who live in municipalities and 12 who live in unincorporated or nine live in unincorporated. We have X number who are outside of the 270 loop, X number inside. So many above 70, below 70, all of that demographic information, but nothing that would, anybody would ever be able to identify any individual from just that no matter how they try to put it together.

And that is, I just want to share, that's protected by law that's been litigated and those names, the information does not get released.

So the other is with the parking. We are trying to arrange the parking very similar to what we had today so that you are inside. Once we're past September lOth, you are meeting on a different schedule, on your schedule, that makes things a lot easier because, you know, everybody knows that the grand jury meets on Wednesday.

So if you are meeting some other day, you know, there may be media around, but the good thing about construction going on next door is we can kind of work around the visibility of it, particularly with the parking that we had. We will have all of that arranged.

And the media, you know, the media kind of comes and goes around here. I did a number of interviews with local people today for a couple reasons, one is to get it all out of the way. So we're finished with, for the most part, with any kind of interviews with that.

I can't control whether anybody shows up outside and just hangs outside the doors and all of that. If there is a protest scheduled or the media is going to be here. We will work with that again. We will know who is there and what's there and all of that. If need be, get you in and get you out of the building without worrying about any of that.

The only other thing I'd say when you are coming in, don't wear the grand jury badge and that will, won't tip anybody off that you are on the grand jury, we will have all of that stuff.

Am I missing anything?

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