The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

I'm glad she said it. You do need, and I know you will keep an open mind on everything. You haven't heard a single thing yet other than what has been in the media, believe me that's not evidence. Don't form any opinion on anything that you've heard, good, bad or ugly in the media.

Everything that's been collected, every statement that has ever been made, it will all be here for you. You need to keep that open mind to give everybody, including the entire community, a full and as open as it can be, but certainly as thorough and as expedient of all the evidence that you can.

I know people keep talking about the transparency, at the end of all of this, depending on your determination, as other cases, if there are charges that you find should be lodged and are lodged, then all of that information will come out pursuant to the course of the case. There are rules that apply then as to how things are handled and all of that. It doesn't come out right away because you can't prejudice a potential jury panel. So all of that evidence, just like here, is presented to a trial jury in the courtroom and not put out in the media. So everybody can see it and then make their mind up before they ever come into a courtroom.

If your determination is that there are no charges to be filed, then everything will be released immediately or as close to immediately as we can get, and that's everything. Your deliberations aren't, as I said, your deliberations are not recorded and never will be recorded, notes won't be released, but every bit of evidence that you have, the testimony of the witnesses who come in, the statements of the witnesses, the physical evidence, the photographs, everything that you have seen and heard will be released to the public. That is as transparent as we can get short of putting a pool TV camera in here and that's not going to happen.

It is, obviously, an awesome burden, but it is going to be an awful lot of work and we will make it as orderly and organized as we can to you.

As I said, if there is anything at all that we can do to do that, working with your schedules, work longer, we have no set hours. So whatever it takes, we will get that to you. We don't want to rush through anything, but we also don't want to drag it out.

I'm anticipating, in all honesty, without basing it on a whole lot, that we hope to have this completed by the middle of October. It doesn't mean every day that you will be here from September lOth until then, but the more days we can have some session, the more expedient this will get out there and that's important to everybody, of course.

The most important thing that you get all the information and all of the evidence and make your determination on that.

Any questions now, procedure that I can answer?

Alternate jurors, do we have them?

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