The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Same perspective. The vehicle that was in view in the previous photograph is partially cut off. I'm panning farther to my right showing my bracketed part of the scene. Any questions?

Photo Number 23. Same as before, turning farther to my right. Now you can see Darren's police car within the scene and the cones marking different pieces of evidence.

Number 24. Almost the exact same photo as before. I think I may have zoomed in to show the area which we were looking at.

Number 25. I didn't initial it. As the perspective goes from the diagram, I'm now standing on the northwest corner of the crime scene looking east, Caddiefield is on your right, Copper Creek Court is here on your left, and then the two vehicles that were blocking Michael Brown's body.

Number 26. Same perspective just, turning to my right bracketing the photo.

Number 27. Turning farther to my right, you can no longer see the two vehicles that were blocking the body and this is the center of Canfield.

Number 28. I'm on the north side of the road facing almost directly south in the middle of the crime scene. You can see on the right-hand side of this photograph, the back end of Darren Wilson's police car that has the crime scene tape applied directly to it. The crime scene tape that you see on the ground again from one of the earlier photos, that was one of the crime scene tape officially put after the crowd moved. They were able to take that down and move that crime scene perimeter back.

Number 29. Panning to my right further, the previous picture you could see the tail end of the car. Here again is the police car in its entirety and the tape had been torn down.

Number 30. I've now moved farther to the west. Still on the north side of the street, this is the front end of Darren Wilson's police car.

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