The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Image 45. Close-up view of item number four, another spent shell casing.

Image 46. I've now moved over to the northern side of the street and this is my overall view of evidence item number five.

Again, in a perfect world, the attempt is made to photograph items of evidence in the order that I find them.

Image 47. Intermediate view of placard number five.

Image 48. Clarify this as again another intermediate view. You can still see part of Darren Wilson's police car, be it that may be a running board somewhere at the bottom of his vehicle, again, placard number five.

Image 49. Close-up view of the vehicle, the bottom of the vehicle can no longer be seen. My evidence placard and then a black beaded bracelet.

Image Number 50. This, looking at the next photo, this is an overall view of evidence item number eight, I think the last one we had was number five. Again, the ideal world you can photograph everything in sequential order. I believe items number six and seven were farther down the street. So at the time that this photo was taken, I didn't want to move down the street and then move back. Eight and nine were right in front of the car.

I stayed in this area to continue with the photograph, this overall view. What we are looking at here is a red stain on the driver's door.

Image 51. You can see this is what we would use as a placard. There is some adhesive removable stickers that are numbered one through zero or one through nine and zero that we can make combination of numbers. Obviously, this is something that we would typically stick on a vehicle or a window or something that we can't stick a placard onto, just to number in our photographs as evidence item number eight. It is denoting a red stain below that.

52, Image 52. This would be the close-up view and again, it is not in focus with the projector, but you can see that the placard number eight is there, it has a small scale and items of this nature. We would typically insert my own visual scale in the photo to show size and shape of whichever item I'm photographing at that time.

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