The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Urn, when I was contacted by he called me on my personal cell phone to let me know what particular cases came in on his shift and he informed me of the cases that came on his shift, and one of the cases was Mr. Michael Brown.

The circumstances that I got from him were very brief and minimal. At that particular time he informed me that there was a police shooting. He mentioned to me that there appears to have been a struggle and that was kind of the extent of the information that I had at that particular time.

So from that point, I know that the body is going to have to come in for examination due to the nature of the particular type of event.

There is certain cases that are under my jurisdiction as a medical examiner and that particular case of Mr. Michael Brown fit that jurisdiction, so I knew that that case was going to come in for examination.

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