The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

That's just a paper towel that is sometimes used to remove blood or to get rid of anything that's obscuring anything that I'm trying to see.

This is Image 64. And this is just a close-up of that tattoo, you know, with the blood that was obscuring it removed from the upper right arm.

This is Image 65. This is a better image of the forearm with that identifying tattoo, still see a wound here near the bicep and this is the right arm and then that wound of the right hand.

This is 66. This is just a better image of that identifying tattoo on the right forearm, Big Mike.

This is 67. This is the left arm now, the head is here, the feet would be out here, this is the left arm and we are looking at the forearm with the identifying tattoo and that injury that you guys saw earlier.

This is 68. So this is the left forearm with the identifying tattoo and then there is this linear abrasion out here on the left forearm. And this is the front part or ventral part or anterior part of the forearm.

This would be 69. And with all cases we have it is important to look at the back side of the body as well as the front, and that involves the external examination. So here Mr. Michael Brown's body is being rolled by the autopsy technician

so we can document that there are no injuries to the back side of the torso.

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