The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

This is Image 70. And the wound I will be talking about first will be Number 9.

The next photo is going to be closer, but just to kind of let you know, so this is Number 9 that we're looking at. Specifically I term this is medial ventral right forearm.

So what that means is, I will stand up so you guys can see. So the normal anatomical position is like this. So when I'm saying medial, medial is in reference to, you know, draw an imaginary line down the middle of that particular extremity, medial is to the inside, lateral is going to be to the outside of that imaginary line.

Ventral, as we have already discussed before, is talking about the front part of that particular extremity or whatever we are looking at. It is also synonymous with anterior, front or whatnot.

When I say medial ventral, or right forearm, so talking about something that is off the midline inside, which makes it medial. Ventral meaning it is on the front and depicting a particular area which is the right forearm. So that's the terminology. So, and we're talking about this wound right here.

So this next image, which will be 71, showing a close-up of wound Number 9.

So a lot of this is just jargon for me to be able to say where it actually is on the body in terms of reference points. So with all of my gunshot injuries, I like to have two reference points.

One of them is a fixed point, so in this particular situation, I find something is going to be the right elbow and I'm going to say how far above or down it is to be able to specify, you know, the upper dimension or the lower dimension, which is kind of just your natural body axis.

So in this particular situation this wound is 15 centimeters below this right elbow, and then you want to be able to say where in the midline that is and that lets me know medial or lateral.

So in this particular situation, this particular wound is 5 centimeters to the left of the anterior midline of the right forearm.

So when I say left, it is from my left, not from you looking at me.

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