The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

lot of these eyewitnesses you are going to hear from who have made multiple statements, we expect that hopefully that's going to be less and less and eventually, you know, we'll get through the eyewitnesses, and then you are going to hear from ballistics people, and lab people, and DNA people, and, of course, those witnesses don't have prior recorded statements that we'll have to present to you. They may have reports that you will get copies of, but at any rate, I know that this is tedious. I know you want your lives back, your lives back the way they were. All I can tell you is that this will be over at some point, this is not indefinite, and we're doing everything we can to try to get through this as quickly as possible. We were hearing the other day that there is rumors that you all are going to be done this week. I'm here to tell you, no, that's not happening. Originally, we had made estimates we would get done about the end of October, early November. We may go into mid November. As I said in the beginning, if this takes until January for you all to have what you need to make this decision, then that's what we're going to have to do. We'll do it as quickly as we can without rushing through it and skipping through things that need to be done. So that being said, I truly, truly apologize for the disruption in your lives. You all really seem to be a great group of people, I'm so glad you all get along as you do, it would be awful if we had people that, you know, had conflicts and bickering going on. You all seem to be, as best as you can, hanging in there with us. So, again, Sheila and I thank you for your patience. So that being said, yes.

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