The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

I can't hear him say that, but he's looking at him and he is doing, you know. So then as he's stopped, he's trying to steady, he starts staggering, my brother says, he's not going to stand up, he's getting ready to fall, he's getting ready to fall.

He looks like he was trying to stay on his feet, and he started staggering toward the police officer and he still had his hands up.

At some point between the officer's truck, which by that time this is about 30, 35 feet, when he reached out into the street, he started walking toward the officer, the officer took three steps back and he yelled out stop to Michael again three times.

Michael's steadily walking toward him. More or less to me and to my brothers, he was staggering.

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