The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

(By Ms. Alizadeh) It is 21 minutes and 56 seconds in length. I have transcripts that I can pass.

I want to mention during the break before we began recording again, the grand jurors had asked if we could try to get a floor plan of the apartments, and we'll look into that if that can be done. Also I intend, I'm going to try to get some testimony from a witness who, as you heard the last witness, he said that they were interviewed at their home by federal agents. So it's possible that I could get one of them who has been inside the apartment to maybe describe, if we don't have a floor plan available.

And then also there was a question about topography, if there was any maybe topographical maps available. I don't know the answer to that, but we can see if we can find some.

I also advised the grand jurors that we have had some additional investigation done where we had officers go out to the scene as recent as last week and take photographs with a lens that would be as close to what the human eye sees as we can get.

In other words, it is not a zoom lens or anything like that and taking photographs from different vantage points because I gathered from some questions that had been asked previously that this might be a question that you have about, you know, can somebody be in a certain place and see what they are describing that they saw.

So I would probably call to introduce those photos. And as I mentioned before, if we may have a gap today with witnesses who might not appear. And so is standing by ready as one of my fill-in witnesses. So that might be something that we can get to this afternoon.

Also, yesterday, we had talk about taking photographs of Darren Wilson's face and then we also had him talk about taking photographs of him taking a bullet out of the side of one of the buildings.

And so we didn't have time for me to pass those photographs to you yesterday, so at some point today when we maybe have a break where there is no witness available, we'll get those photographs passed around and give you plenty of time to look at those.

Is there anything else or any other questions before we begin the recording?

All right. And at this time I'd ask to pause the audio recording while we're playing the statement of

(Interview of is being played at this time.)

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