The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Let's see, Monday, October 13th, at 8:38 a.m. This is Kathi Alizadeh with the prosecutor's office, present is Sheila Whirley, all 12 grand jurors are present, as is , the court reporter. He's taking down what is being said and recording, audio recording.

So for today, the first witness, let me back up a little bit and talk about scheduling. There was a question brought up, I think it might have been during a break we had last week about whether or not three days a week was helpful or if it was not very productive. And so Sheila and I have talked about it, as well as with some of our investigators.

You know, as I mentioned to you that some of these people are reluctant to come in and that means going out and serving them subpoenas and even then, that's not a guarantee they're going to show up.

We have been lucky so far. We have been able to get the people in, but, you know, every day is going to be a challenge. We talked about it and first of all we felt that it was, it was going to be problematic for us to try to corral or wrangle up enough people to fill three days of your time.

Neither Sheila nor I wants you sitting here. I know you have taken out from your personal lives and from your jobs and it is just really wrong for us to waste your time for you to sit here for two hours when we don't have anything scheduled for you or anything to put on.

I think the two day a week is going to be better, hopefully we will use that time productively.

Another reason for it is because we have doing the transcripts and we need those done as quickly as possible, because there's another investigation going on, that as you know, there's a federal investigation that's kind of parallel to ours. And doesn't just work when he's in the room with us, he goes home and he works to try to transcribe everything that is going on. And news to me, he mentioned the other day one hour of testimony may take him three hours to transcribe.

He's working diligently to try to get these transcripts out. And when we have back to back days, he's not able to work on the transcripts and the three days a week, we're finding he's not able to keep up with the transcripts the way we need them.

Another reason is, you know, once this case is concluded and given to you for your deliberation, once, assuming you arrive at a decision, we don't want to have to delay that decision for two or three weeks while we're waiting for the transcripts to be done.

So he's, , trying to do those as we go so we can keep up on those. So we felt that that was another reason why the two day a week would be better for just our purposes and getting this done efficiently and as quickly as possible.

So I think the word went out to you last week after we canceled Thursday, that we also are canceling tomorrow, but we do have witnesses lined up for all day today, assuming they show up and then we have witnesses lined up for all day Thursday. Including, you know, we're going to hear statements when we're not having witnesses boom, boom, boom there will be times that you are listening to statements of witnesses that we anticipate that are going to be called.

So with that being said, thank you for, did they already do the rest of October?

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