The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

This is Kathi Alizadeh, October 13th, 10:11 a.m. All 12 grand jurors are present, myself, Sheila Whirley and the court reporter , and we just had a small break after a witness testimony. And I want to make sure we put on the record that there was some questions that were asked after the witness testified about some dates and when certain witnesses were interviewed. And I think what we discussed and kind of clarified is that according to what you've heard so far,

who is the fiancee of , was interviewed by the County Police on August 9th, the day that Michael Brown was killed.

And that then Agent and his partner went to their apartment and as a part of an area canvas with no specific purpose of looking for anyone in particular other than any witness that saw this.

And that he then interviewed on the 16th of August. He also said that

was present in the apartment at the time and said she didn't see anything.

And then you all have also heard from a statement that was interviewed by the FBI, like on September 30th or something, and that during that interview she described what she says on the 30th she saw.

So there was some question about whether or not the FBI knew that the FBI, meaning Agent

and Agent , whether they knew that had been talked to by agent and his partner, and/or whether or not agent was aware that had been interviewed by the County Police prior to their interview of her.

And what I explained to you is, to the best of my knowledge and guess would be that they did not know of the other interviews that had taken place, however, I will tell you that's only until the best guess on my part based upon my understanding of how the investigation was going at that time.

The FBI was working independently of the County Police at that time. And the County Police were not involved in that canvas that took place on the 16th.

Originally, there was talk that was, they were going to do the canvas together, the County Police and the FBI. And then the FBI said, no, we are going to do the canvas just on our own. So the County Police are not a part of that canvas.

And so I can clarify this with Detective and, of course, Detective will probably testify again before your investigation is completed, but you certainly can ask him that.

It is my belief and thought is that probably agent was not aware that

had been interviewed by County Police when he went to go see, he knocked on their door on the 16th. And then also I would have to verify with Agent and , it is my guess that they were not aware that Agent had seen

and had spoken to her on the 16th because Agent did not put that in his report because he, according to him, and I discussed this with him, since said she didn't see anything, he didn't include that. It is like he just didn't.

Whether he should or not is not for me to say, but he just didn't. So I don't think that Agent and Agent were aware that he had talked to when they interviewed on the 30th. I will certainly try to clear that up for you, but that's only my thought and opinion at this point. All right.

So now, yes.

To so clarify, on August 9th, Miss was interviewed by Detective not Detective

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