The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Well, that's going to be up for you all to talk about when you begin your deliberations. If there's a difference in a statement that's given closer to the time and then there's a statement that was done after that, how long after that, what are the circumstances of the statement, what about, you know, these are all things for you to consider. If there are differences, why are there differences, you know.

Could it be that the first statement was done because it is brief and then as you know, the FBI has come along and Department of Justice have done subsequent interviews that seem to be longer in duration. Are they being more detailed? These are all things that you are going to have to decide for yourself. If there are differences, what do you make of those differences.

So now we're going to listen to a recorded statement of , and if you will recall we've heard from a who testified that he was in a white Monte Carlo that was driven by her. It was at the scene on Canfield Drive on that day. is here, she will testify when we listen to her statement. The first statement is about three minutes long and was done by St. Louis County police officers, or detectives.

At this time we'll have cease the recording and I will pass out a transcript of this interview. And so, , you do not need to take down the statement as it is being played and I will give you a copy of the transcript.

(The interview of is being played at this time.)

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