The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

All right. We just completed playing a statement on a disc labeled Grand Jury Exhibit Number 24, statement of or

Now we're going to play a statement that is contained on Grand Jury Exhibit Number 36. It is a statement of I don't have a transcript for this. And then so as soon as I get this set up, I'll have pause the audio recording, and yet I will ask that you transcribe it as best you can the conversation. There is no transcript of this and this is the audio recording of

MS. Today is October 3rd, 2014, the time is 10:48 a.m. We are at the FBI building at 2222 Market Street. This is Special Agent

, DOJ trial attorney assistant U.S. Attorney Attorney?

MS. MS. And we're going to interview. MR.

All right. , we're here, we wanted to meet with you, we had some follow-up questions from the last interview you gave, okay. We had some specific questions we wanted to ask you about.

Keep in mind the interview is being recorded, okay, so you have to keep your voice up. I know you are kind of soft spoken.

MR. Yeah.

When I ask you a question that calls for a yes or no answer, you have to be sure to answer out loud, okay, instead of shaking your head or nodding, okay, because the recorder wouldn't pick that up, you understand.

MR. All right.

Okay. Don't answer any questions that you don't understand, okay. If I ask you a question and you're not getting exactly what I'm trying to ask you, you can ask me to explain it, okay. I don't want you to answer any question you don't understand, got it?

MR. Okay.

And then also a lot of times, and I know in the prior interview that happened there were times where you might state some things, I will go back and restate it to you just to make sure I understand. If I misstate anything at any time correct me, okay, this is your statement.

If I get any detail wrong or whatever, you feel free to say no, that's not what I meant, or no that's not exactly what I said. Okay, will you do that?

MR. Yeah.

We're not trying to trick you or confuse you at any point. So we want to make sure that at any point you feel confused, you let us know. We just want to get out what happened, all right?

MR. All right.

We're the prosecutors assigned to this case, okay. And I will just remind you this is a federal investigation, okay. So you've got to be sure to tell the truth here today. This is basically a blank slate. I'm not all that concerned what was said before, you just tell us what you know today, all right? You need to be sure it is the truth, you understand?

MR. Uh-huh.

Okay. That's basically our goal here. We're investigating the case, we are just trying to find the truth.

Now, you came down here with your lawyer today voluntarily, right?

MR. Yeah, she told me to come, so I'm here.

You agreed to come down and talk to us?

MR. Yeah.

Okay. You have got to keep your voice up, okay?

MR. All right.

No one threatened you in any way or promised you anything to come down here today?

MR. No.

All right. You are not under the effects of any drugs or alcohol today?

MR. No.

And I ask everybody that, don't be offended by it, I generally ask that question. Anything else that would affect your ability to be truthful today?

MR. No.

Okay. All right. Well, let's get down to it then here. You, can you tell me what was your relationship with Michael Brown, how did you know him?

MR. He was one of my best friends. We went to high school together, he was around me every day. And come to find out, I found out he was a family member after the fact of him getting killt. (sic)

How was he a family member? MR. He was one of my cousin's cousin. His little brother and his little sister's daddy got killed in about, I think about 2006. Come to find out that was my cousin.

Okay. So you are actually a blood relative of Mike Brown.

MR. Yeah.

But you didn't know that until after he was killed?

I didn't know until after. After my cousin popped over there and that's when I found out that.

Okay. But you basically saw him every day?

MR. Yeah, he was with me every day. The day before he was being killed, he was living with me.

Okay. How long did he live at your house?

MR. Just about a week. His granny was in the hospital. He didn't have nowhere else to go.

And even before he was living at your house, you would see him every day?

MR. Yeah, every day we will go record music, play video games, everything.

Okay. MR. It was just like he knew all my family, I knew all his family.

Uh-huh. MR. And just we were

You were tight? MR. We were real, real close.

When you see him every day, how much time did you spend together? I know every day is different.

MR. All day.

All day long? MR. Just walk to the store, come home, playing games and just being kids.

Okay, all right. And how about Dorian Johnson, what was your relationship with Dorian?

MR. That's, that's like a friend of the family. I knew him and all his brothers and sisters and all that so.

He's actually a blood cousin also, is that right, Dorian?

MR. He's not blood, but we grew up around each other, so to me it is blood.

I thought before you described it as a blood cousin, but he was basically kind of a friend of the family?

MR. Yeah.

Okay, all right. Can you just tell us basically what you saw on August 9th when Michael Brown was killed?

MR. The day of it happening, it was around 4:00 in the morning. I was on the phone with a lady friend of mine and something came over my body and I felt, I didn't feel right. I was like something was going to happen. And Mike, he's on the couch right next to me, so he just told me to go to sleep, nothing going to happen, that's all right.

So in the morning, the reason why we woke up was because my mother called and was like, she needed me to help her put my nephews in the car for her and my sister. So I was asleep at that point, I didn't feel like getting up. Michael Brown put my nephews in the car for me and everything.

And he can use my phone cause I told him to call his grandmother to make sure she's okay before you do anything cause he wasn't talking to her because they had a little dispute the day before. So I told him to call her and make sure

He had a dispute with his grandmother?

MR. Yeah, you know, just her telling, you know how it is with family.

Do you know what the dispute was about?

MR. No, sometimes just have, you know, families have little arguments from time to time. So I guess it was a little argument and she went to the hospital that day. So he was staying with me for that week.

Was he staying with you because she was in the hospital or because of this dispute?

MR. Because she was in the hospital.

Okay. Let's talk about then what happened though, what did you see on August 9th.

MR. Yeah, I was leading up to that. So he had put my nephews and everything in the car. He used my phone, he came back and threw me my phone. He was like, me and Dorian is going to walk to the store and we will be back. I'm like, all right, hopefully I will be up by the time you all get back from the store.

I say it was about, I say about 15, 20 minutes after they had left for, I guess they was on their way back from the store, that's when I heard the first gunshot.

Where were you when you heard the first gunshot?

MR. I was in my room.

Were you still in bed. MR. Yeah, I was still laying down. It was loud and close to where I could hear it enough to where it would wake me up like to see what was going on.

So that first shot actually woke you up?

MR. Yeah, the first shot actually woke me up. I wasn't in no deep, deep sleep, it was enough to hear what was going on.

Okay. Then what happened? MR. I heard the first shot, and then I went to the window and what I saw was the officer had a gun drawn and Michael Brown's facing him on his knees.

And you actually personally saw this?

MR. Yes, I personally saw him on his knees with his hands in the air?

Okay. And then what happened?

MR. And then I say maybe about a few seconds later, I looked and I was still looking out the window and I seen him shoot him in the head. By the time I tried to get out of the house, like by the time I hit the stairs, I heard four more shots go off.

And then I live all the way on the third floor, so I say when I first came out of the house, I heard the four gunshots and then by the time I got to the end, when I got to the end of the steps, I heard seven more shots.

How many shots did you see? MR. How many shots did I see?

Right. MR. I saw one.

Okay. MR. But I heard multiple.

Okay. All right. So you just saw, you heard the first shot?

MR. I heard the first shot.

You go to the window and right, yes or no?

MR. Yes, yes, yes.

And then you go to the window?

MR. Yes.

And when you look out the window, what do you see?

MR. Michael Brown on his knees with his hands up and I couldn't even, from my angle I could not even see if it was him or not. The way I found out it was him because I knew everything he had on because he was just at my house 20 minutes prior to what happened.

The reason why I really new who it was cause he had on some socks, and I remember exactly what socks cause he loved wearing them.

What socks were those? MR. They were some yellow and green like marijuana leaf socks.

Okay. They had marijuana leafs on them?

MR. Yeah.

He loves to wear those? MR. Yeah, like a month prior to that he had bought a whole bunch of them. I don't know why, that's what he wore. I can tell you everything he had on, he had on a gray T-shirt, he had on some khaki pants, or khaki shorts, some Nike white and black flip flops and then them specific socks I just mentioned.

Okay. So today what you're indicating is as you look out the window, you actually saw Michael Brown out there?

MR. Yes.

Okay. And you could recognize him by what he was wearing?

MR. Yes.

Do you see the police officer shoot him one time?

MR. Yes.

And where did he shoot him? MR. In his head.

What did Michael Brown do at that time?

MR. By that time when I seen the gunshot go off, he fell. He got shot in the head, it looks like he was already gone.

So he fell down? MR. Yeah.

When you looked out the window was he already down or you actually saw that shot?

MR. No, when I looked out my window, he was on his knees.

Okay. MR. I don't know if he had already got shot before then because I heard the first gunshot, I don't know, I'm just stating what I saw.

All right. When you looked out the window, did you think that he had been shot from that first shot?

MR. Yeah.

Why did you think that? MR. Because I knew it, why would he be on his knees like surrendering like.

Did you see any kind of injures that would lead you to believe he was shot?

MR. No, cause like my window, it was facing towards his back, it wasn't facing toward his front to see if he had got shot. From his back I didn't see anything.

Okay. You couldn't see any blood or anything?

MR. Not from his back.

Any wounds or anything like that?

MR. No.

Then you say the police officer shot him in the head one time?

MR. Yeah.

And he fell to the ground? MR. Yeah.

How did he fall when he fell?

MR. He just fell. Like I couldn't explain.

Did he fall on his back or his stomach.

MR. He fell like this.


And you are motioning face like down?

MR. Yeah, he fell facedown.

Question, were both hands on the side?

MR. I couldn't tell you, I just know he fell face first.

Okay. And so when he was laying in the street, he was face first?

MR. Yeah.

He wasn't on his back or on his side?

MR. No, he was face first.

Okay. MR. Even when they show what happened on the news, he still is face first and you can see the blood rushing from his head.

What you are telling me today you only saw that one shot to the head?

MR. Yes.

You heard the first shot that woke you up?

MR. Yes.

You were looking out the window and saw the shot to the head.

MR. Yes.

And then after that, after Michael Brown falls to the ground what do you do?

MR. I run outside.

Okay. MR. (Inaudible) To the end of the steps.

And what happens when you get to the end of the steps?

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