The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

I ran out there, I ran because there is like a grass hill right there. And I said they just killed my little brother for nothing. Those were my exact words. Okay. And did you see any other shots after you got inside there? MR. No. So you saw a total of one shot that day? MR. I saw one shot, but I heard several. Okay, all right. You're sure you didn't see four shots after that shot to the head? MR. I didn't see it, I ran outside. Okay. MR. I didn't see it, I heard it. Okay. MR. I was close enough to it where I could hear everything that was going on. Let's back up a little bit. You mention that he was staying with you about a week before all this happened? MR. Uh-huh. And, in fact, I think you said before you and your mom were kind of taking care of him? MR. No, it wasn't my mom, he was at my sister's house. I wasn't even living with my mom during that point in time. You and Michael were staying at your sister's place? MR. Yeah. You were with him every day at that time? MR. Yes. (Inaudible) MR. It was every day because he lived right across the street. Pretty much all day? MR. Yeah, all day. You mentioned his socks, the marijuana leaf socks. MR. Yeah. He liked to wear those, did you know him to be involved in marijuana at all? MR. Yeah. How so? MR. He just started smoking I guess about four months ago. Okay. Four months before this happened? MR. Yeah. He wasn't no head, he wouldn't do it like just on a regular day basis, I would say occasionally. Occasionally, how often, once a week, twice a week? MR. Just holidays, birthdays, stuff like that. It was not like he smoked regular everyday thing. All right. Would you ever smoke with him? MR. Yeah, I have. Okay. Would you smoke with him basically the same kind of occasion? MR. Yeah. Did you smoke the same as Mike, would you smoke more often than him or less often? MR. Less often. Less often than Mike? MR. Like I'm saying, holidays and special occasions. Do you have any idea where he would get it from? MR. No. Okay. Did you know any white contractors or workers that were working there that were digging out the trenches to put drain tile or drain pipes in there, did you know those guys at all? MR. No, I didn't, but it's funny you mentioned that because my sister was just telling me that he was taking my nephews out to the car, she was talking to some construction workers and they was talking about that and police and all this type of the stuff. It's funny that you mentioned that. That's just something that you've heard? MR. Yeah, that's something I was asleep most of the day until actually heard the gunshot. Okay. Did you know those guys, the construction workers to be involved with weed at all or anything like that? MR. No. Have you ever heard of wax, do you know what wax is? MR. No, I don't know what that is. Had you ever heard Mike talk about wax or anything like that, Mike Brown? MR. No, I'm thoroughly confused. I don't know what that is. Okay, that's fine. You're not aware of what wax is? MR. No. And so you and Mike, you would smoke together sometimes? MR. Yeah. That morning before he left there, did you guys smoke that morning or overnight? MR. No. You're sure about that? MR. Yeah. Okay. What about Mike, do you know if he did even if you didn't? MR. Yeah, he could have cause he left my house a couple of hours before we actually went to sleep. I can't vouch for what he did, you know what I'm saying? Nobody asked you to. MR. So I can't tell what he did when he wasn't around me. Okay. MR. I'm just telling you my experience. We're not expecting you to tell us. MR. I just telling you just my experience. I'm just talking about when he was around you, did he smell like weed that day at all or did you have any reason to think he smoked weed that day? MR. I don't know, he could have, I don't know. Okay. I'm just asking if you know. MR. He could have, I don't know. Okay. What makes you think that he could have? Just that it's possible? MR. Anybody can smoke at any time. What I'm asking you though, is there anything that led you to think that maybe he smoked that morning? MR. I don't know, he was with me this morning, so I didn't smoke I was still in bed. Okay. MR. I can't tell you what he did when he wasn't around. I can tell you that the evidence was that he had smoked weed or basically THC somehow that day, all right, that's the ingredient in weed or marijuana. The two of you had smoked before, I'm just curious about, when you were up overnight, did he smoke at that time maybe? MR. Neither one of us smoked that day. Neither one of us had no money. Okay. MR. Well, I didn't have no money at that time. Do you know if he had any weed, any marijuana that day? MR. I don't know. Did you see any? MR. No, I didn't see none though. (inaudible) He didn't make it his obligation to tell me if he had some or not. I honestly don't know. When he got up to get dress that day or when he was getting ready to leave, did you see him with any weed or put any weed in his pocket? MR. No, he just said he was going to walk to the store and he'd be back, him and Dorian. Let's talk about that. My understanding is he was going to the store to get some Cigarillos. Did he tell you that he was going there to get those? MR. No, but I wasn't sure if he had it already or that he was going to go get it or I didn't know. All right. I will just be here when you get up. I'll open the door for you. Do you know why he was going to get Cigarillos? Was that for marijuana? MR. Who knows. He had none of that at the point in time he woke me up to let me know that he was going to the store. I didn't see none of that. Okay. But he did tell you that is why he was going to the store? MR. Yeah, that's what he tell me. Did you know him to use Cigarillos to smoke week. MR. Yeah. To make a blunt? MR. Yes. Is that the way the two of you would normally smoke? MR. Yes. With Cigarillos? Is that a yes? MR. Yes. You have to speak up for the tape, I'm sorry. Okay. And so when you and Mike Brown would actually, when you would smoke weed, you would use Cigarillos to smoke it? MR. Yeah. How do you do that? I mean, what do you do with the Cigarillos? I just have to lay the groundwork. MR. You just take the tobacco out and then role the marijuana into it. Okay. You take the tobacco out of the Cigarillo and put the marijuana into it? MR. Yeah. Okay. And basically you pull all of that tobacco out and fill it with marijuana? MR. Yeah. The whole Cigarillo? MR. Yeah. Okay, all right. Now, Dorian was there that morning too at your apartment; is that right? MR. He wasn't in, actually in, he was sitting outside waiting. He didn't actually come in my house. Okay. MR. He was just waiting. Mike came and gave me my phone back and we are off to the store, we be back. All right. When Mike was talking about going to the store to get Cigarillos, I mean, was he talking about that he was going to go smoke, you knew why he was going to get the Cigarillos? MR. Yeah, I knew why. Okay. Did he talk about, hey, when I get back, let's smoke, I'm going to go smoke with Dorian, or did he say anything like that? MR. He was like, I'll be back, me and Dorian are going to be back. I don't know if they was going to come smoke with me or not. Mike said when he left they were going to come right back, be about 30 minutes. I make sure I be up so I be up so I can come open the door for 'em. Okay. They were going to come back to your place after the store? MR. Yes. Both of them were going to come back together? MR. Yeah. Did Mike say anything else to you that morning? MR. No, he didn't say nothing. Let me ask you, that morning now, you said you were up overnight that you couldn't sleep and Mike spent the night that night? MR. Oh, yeah. And he was up with you at that time? MR. Oh, yeah. Did he say he couldn't sleep or do you know why he was up? MR. I didn't know why he was up, I knew why I was up cause I had an intuition, like a feeling that something was going to happen. I didn't think it was going to honestly happen to him, I knew God send me a sign and I knew something was going to happen the following day. The two of you were up overnight? MR. Yeah, I knew it was going to be something, see, I don't sleep at night. That's what I was going to ask. Do you normally stay up throughout the night or sleep during the day or what? MR. No, I'm usually the person who just stay up late at night. I don't get too much sleep. Would Mike stay up with you too late at night? MR. No, he be the one to go to sleep first. Okay. MR. So it was kind of strange that he was up all night. So at some point, though, you fell asleep? MR. Yeah. Whatever time you think that was if you know. MR. Around 4:30, 5:00. In the morning? MR. Yeah. And where was Mike at that time? MS. He was on the couch, I don't know if he was asleep by then or not. I just know I couldn't take no more and I just passed out. You were sleeping in your bed? MR. Yeah. He was on the couch? MR. Yeah. Okay. And so you fall asleep and what's the next thing you remember from that morning? MR. He came and woke me up and he was like, he said let me see your phone. I'm like all right, man, and take the phone out, unlock it for him, and I went right back to sleep. Do you know who he was calling on his phone? MR. I think his grandmother. Yeah, his grandmother. I had told him before he had went to sleep, I'm like, man, when we wake up in the morning. Uh-huh. MR. Call and check on her to make sure she's all right. Before you do anything call and check on her to make sure she's all right. Okay. MR. I always told him he had a grandmother and all of that. He didn't need to take her for granted. And that's one thing I always push from our people is to stay with your family. Okay. MR. To be And let me just, you know, you just try to answer the question, okay. That way we won't spend a lot of time here today, okay. I don't want to have to have you here all day. So just try to answer the question I'm asking, you understand, is that okay? Uh-huh. So he borrows your phone, you think to call his grandmother? He came and tossed me my phone. Me and Dorian is going to walk to the store we'll be back. And I said about 30, 45 minutes. I'm like, all right. I got up, locked the door, went back to my room and went to sleep. Is that when he said they were going to get Cigarillos? Yes. Let me ask you this, when you smoked weed with Mike, where would you get it from? Uh -- I mean, I don't think he wants to answer that I don't want to answer that question. I'll tell you right now you are not going to be in any trouble, okay. (inaudible) To be smoking weed or whoever you get it from or whatever. I'm just curious about, you know, who supplies it to you? I'm not going to answer that question. Well, that's kind of up to me to determine, okay, legally whether it matters or not, okay. I'm just asking you, you know, you basically refusing to tell me? This ain't got nothing to do with this interview. Basically you're not going to tell me; is that right? Yeah. Okay, that's fine. Can I ask you a question? You describe what it is, what his demeanor was when he got high, what was he like? He was a funny person, like he would sit there and talk about each other, get on the phone with females, play video games, he wasn't no aggressive person at all. At all, like towards nobody. He wasn't angry towards anybody? No, he was a big fun person, that's all he was. Whenever we was together, there was no drama, there was no nothing. We would just sit in the room and play the games and just get on her nerves all day. She would be in there going off on him. (inaudible) When you guys would smoke weed together, did you ever get or did he ever get like scared or paranoid at all from smoking weed? No. Okay. If we did do it, it was an enclosed area around his family, it wasn't like, when we did smoke, it was no public thing. Okay. We go outside smoke, come back in, play video games, play with his little brother, little sister. There was never nothing out of line or anything like that. Urn, now, after you mention on August 9th you saw the police officer shoot him once in the head and he falls to the ground. And then you ran outside, down the steps and outside, right; is that right? Yeah. All right, you have to say so. Yes, yes. You ran down the steps to get downstairs? Yes. What floor were you on? I live on the third floor. So you ran down the steps to get down there? Yeah. You mention before that by the time you got down there, there is kind of a crowd gathering; is that right? Yeah. Tell me about that? There was people out there before I had even got outside. It was a regular day. There was people walking their kids. It is hot outside, it is just a normal day like. I'm talking about after the shooting when you got out there? There was crowds gathering, there was just a whole bunch of chaos after that, a whole bunch of chaos. What was going on, what were people saying? They were crying, yelling and screaming. They killed him for nothing, they killed this baby for nothing, just everybody was outside. Okay. And you mention before also that you talked to Dorian a little bit about all of this after it happened? Yeah. He said something to you about hiding behind a Monte Carlo? Yeah. What else did he tell you about what happened, did he tell you about what happened down there? We didn't really get a chance to talk to too much, there was too much going on, too much commotion. What about since that time, there has now been, it has been over a month now. Eight weeks. Almost two months. Did you talk to Dorian about it? Other than hiding behind the Monte Carlo? I haven't had a chance to catch up with him. He hasn't told you anything other than he hid behind a Monte Carlo? He said he shoot at Mike. (inaudible) He said he went and hid behind the Monte Carlo. Did he tell you what he saw? He said he shot him multiple times, couldn't really do nothing, too much talking. There was too much going on, just like he said, like too much going on. I had no chance for me to talk to him and for him to talk to me. Did he give you any other details other than he was shot multiple times and that Dorian hid behind the white Monte Carlo? He told me, he told me that it was like he was telling everybody. Like he didn't have no choice but to try and run and hide behind the Monte Carlo while the shooting was occurring. We haven't had a chance to talk. So was he able to see the shooting then while he was hiding behind the Monte Carlo. That's what he said, I haven't talked to him. Okay. Have you seen any of the media coverage of this? Urn, not for real, I try not to watch TV too touch. Okay. You mentioned before you saw Dorian giving statements on CNN and MSNBC? Yeah. Do you recall that? I don't recall what he actually said, people was just telling me and I saw a YouTube clip of it of him on TV. Do you know what people were talking? Like my mother and like people was just talking, he was on TV. Now, , I've got to be honest with you, okay. I mean, based on what you are telling me today, it is substantially different than what you told the FBI before, okay. You talked about seeing one shot to the head before and then you talked about seeing the police officer stand over Mike Brown and shoot four more times into his body, do you recall that? Yeah. Did you see that or did you not? I heard. Okay. So you didn't actually see the police officer fire four more shots into Michael Brown? I didn't actually see it because I was going down the steps. Okay. But his That's why we need to clarify what you actually saw versus these things that you assume or what you think you heard because it is important. It is not assuming if I'm going down the steps and I hear boom, boom, boom, but ain't nobody else out there got hit. Ain't no one else out there injured. That is just common sense. Back when you talked to the FBI previously, that was on August 13th, okay, just a few days after this happened, about four days after this happened. You told them that after the officer shot Brown in the head, he shot him eight more times. Yeah. And you said that you saw him fire four more shots into Mike Brown's body as Mike Brown's laying there lying on the ground? Yeah. Do you remember that? Yeah. Today you are telling me you didn't see those shots; is that right? More importantly I heard. That's what I'm just trying to determine. Did you see those shots or did you hear them? I didn't see them, but I heard them on my way running downstairs. You said there was a 10 second pause and more shots? Yes. Okay. We're talking about now and then a total of ten shots is what you were talking about? Yes. So as you sit here today, how many shots did you actually see. I saw one, but heard nine. Okay. So you are saying today that you just saw one shot? When he got shot in the head he fell when he was already basically deceased. On August 13th when you said that the police officer stood over him and shot him four more times, you didn't actually see that; is that right? Yes. Okay. You told me today that you actually didn't see any injuries to Michael Brown before the shot to the head; is that right? Yeah. You didn't see any bleeding or wounds or anything like that. I couldn't see because his back was turned towards that way. Okay. See, that's a problem I have today is that back on August 13th you told the FBI that Mr. Brown had blood flowing from his shoulder or rib cage on his left side. Did you actually not see that? I didn't see exactly where he got shot at. I said, I knew he had got shot I heard the first shot cause he stopped and he was sitting in the middle of the street. Like I told you, with his hands in the air. Right. But what I'm telling you is that you've told me today you didn't see any injuries to Michael Brown when he was down on his knees in the street. Before you had told the FBI that he had blood flowing from his shoulder and rib cage on his left side, somewhere on his left side, do you recall that? Yes. Did you all actually see that or not? No, I didn't actually see. Okay. So when you told the FBI that on August 13th, you actually did not see that? That was something that I heard. That's why you told me to tell you what I actually saw, so I'm telling you what I actually saw. Someone in the community-- Who was that? Who told you? I don't know. There was a whole bunch of crowds, people was telling me all type of stuff.

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