The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

couple of other matters is the floor plan with no door, remember the floor plan? So I had Detective talk to the gal, the leasing agent and she drew the door in here. They didn't change it other than she drew a little line where the door is on these second two bedroom version. And then she also wrote next to the marks, which would indicate a window, she wrote sliding door. These are new, I don't know if you all got rid of the old ones that I've given you. If you haven't, go ahead, and you want to give those to me and I will shred them so we don't get those confused. That's your newest version of that. So, for the record, I had previously marked that floor plan as Exhibit Number, Grand Jury Exhibit Number 51. I'm going to remark the new one that shows the door, as Grand Jury Exhibit Number 51. And I'm going to tear up the old one so we don't get those confused. I'm just using the same number, I just replace it with the accurate version. And then so we have the week scheduled out pretty busy, hopefully we're going to be chugging along here and trying to get some of these witnesses in and out. We talked about you all seeing the vehicle. We actually had a plan, we were going to try to do that today, we have now discovered because I had, I don't know if I was told this or I don't recall who even told me, I had believed that Officer Wilson's vehicle was back in service and the door had been repaired and it was back on the road being used as a police car in Ferguson. But last week we learned that it is not repaired and it is still missing the door. So we can't really have somebody drive it down here. It would draw too much attention if that was driving around like that. So I have a couple of options for you. We could have the vehicle towed to a location where the new call center is. There is a secure garage in there. We could have the vehicle towed there and then we could have you all, depending on the time of day we do this. If we do it at the end of the day, you all take your own vehicles out there, then you could leave directly from there rather than coming back to Clayton, or if necessary, we could get a van and take you all out there together to see it. Of course, then we'd have to bring you back here to get your vehicles, so that is an option. If you want to see the actual Ferguson vehicle. The limitations with that are going to be that the door is not on the car. And we have the door and I can throw the door in the back of the truck and you all can look at the door, but it is not going to be on the car. And so depending on what you want to see, it might be a better option for you if I could get a Ferguson Tahoe, same year and same model and everything, and that way you would have a complete truck, in other words. I will also tell you that I had someone from the Crime Scene Unit go out and measure the actual truck, the actual Ferguson vehicle points like from the ground to the top, you know, the roof from the ground to this and so forth. So we do have actual measurements if those are important to you, we'll give those to you as well. So maybe during your lunch break today you can talk about whether or not, if we just get a lookalike Ferguson truck, we can do that here, we had previously talked about doing that in the sallyport here which is where prisoners are brought in so they are automatic doors, it is secured, we would be able to have that area for 30 minutes. It is monitored by cameras because it has to be, but we've arranged that the cameras would be shut off so nobody is going to be seeing you. Of course, no recordings will be made of you while you are up around the vehicle. If we get the lookalike, we can do it here. If we are going to need the actual vehicle, we are going to have to make the arrangements to take you to another location to view that. So you can talk during your lunch break about what you want to do, or if you want to do both. If it is important that you see both, we'll do whatever, okay. How y'all doing, okay. I can't recall if there was any other things that needed to be talked about or brought up and if there are, yes.

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