The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

We have his personnel file and that is something we will get to you. Kind of our strategy here is once we get done with all of our eyewitnesses, then we are going to have some experts still testify. And then probably the last witness is going to be Detective who is the primary case officer on this. And so a lot of, some of that stuff is going to come in through him.

But we talked about the fact that there may have been witnesses who testified earlier in the process that now that you know more than you did back then, you may wish us to recall some witnesses.

As you know, we cannot compel Officer Wilson to testify. So all I could do is extend an invitation if you wanted him to come back.

If anybody else that now you look at, you know, what you now know and you are comparing what the witness said previously. If you have additional questions for any witness who has already testified, just let us know and we will do our best to get them in here again.

So we talked about that last week that you know, this whole thing began two months ago so and you've heard from, you know, what am I on now, how many witnesses have we had, 47. We have had 47 witnesses. So it is a lot.

So you guys can discuss that as well. If you want to recall any witnesses and again, it would be an invitation to Officer Wilson if you wanted to have him back. We would do what we can to get him here.

Other matters is that we have the taped statement of who testified last week and it is an hour and 26 minutes or so. And if you would like to hear that statement, we could play it. If you just want to get the transcript, I can pass that out to you, but that's something you can discuss during lunch as well if you want to hear her statement because we've got a witness here now so we're going to play some statements of that witness and then get her on the stand.

And then when this is close to being concluded, Sheila and I are going to have to go through the notes and the transcripts to make sure that we've given you, we kind of got out of playing all the statements before the witness and, you know, we've proceeded with okay, we'll play those later. I want to make sure that we don't miss anything that there was a statement that we forgot to play or present to you.

So we'll make sure we try to get that the boxes checked off to make sure you guys have heard everything.

So at this time now we're going to play some recorded statements from a witness who we will identify as Witness Number 48.

We have transcripts for two statements. The first statement is ten minutes and 58 seconds. The second statement is a minute 35 seconds, which is just a phone call and then we have transcripts for those two.

Then there is a third statement that is 22 minutes and 32 seconds with no transcript for that since that was just done last week, and so I would ask that we'll go pause the recording while we are playing statements. , you do not need to transcribe the first two statements, but I would ask that you transcribe for the third one.

So at this time, if you the want to pause that.

So now that we're paused, I will tell you the two transcripts are together.

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