The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Is everybody ready to start the statements? Okay.

(This will be the playing of the audio recorded statements of Witness 48.)

(This is the playing of audio interview number three of Witness Number 48 that is being transcribed.)

This is special agent We are at FBI 2222 Market Street. It is Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, approximately 9:21 a.m. I'm with USA and DOJ trial attorney and we are here interviewing.

Is your name spelled

Uh-huh. Are you still at No, no. What's your residence address?

Urn, I don't know the address, but I know the street I live off of

Okay. Where is that

Yeah. Okay. If I needed to get ahold of you, what is best number to call?

I don't know, my mom. Your mom's, okay. What about your godmother who is here with you?

She's probably the best person to call. I wasn't even thinking about her.

What's her name? She's waiting outside for you here today?

Uh-huh. She came down with you? Do you know what her phone number is?

Okay. And what's your date of birth?

And what's your social security number.

okay. Okay. MR. All right. thanks for being here today. We wanted to follow-up on some statements that you gave before, all right. I know that on August 14th you talked to investigators, okay, and we just had a few questions about that and wanted to follow-up.

Before we do that, I just want to go through some preliminary things that we do with most witnesses, okay, or basically I want to remind you, obviously, you know this is being recorded, and you have to say yes or no.

Yes. MR. Just because it is being recorded you have to, if I ask you a question, yes or no answer, be sure to a yes or no just so it shows up on the tape, okay?

Okay. MR. I also want to tell you don't answer any question you don't understand, okay? If I ask you something and you're not sure exactly what I mean by that, just feel free to ask me to explain it, I will do that, all right, you understand?

Uh-huh. MR. Basically we don't want you to answer any questions that you don't understand.

All right. MR. All right. I need to warn you that it is a crime to lie to the FBI or federal investigators, okay?

Uh-huh. MR. So you need to be sure to tell the truth today, you understand that?

Yes. MR. Basically we are just looking for the truth here. We've talked to a lot of different witnesses and all we are looking for is what you actually saw and heard on August 9th of this year, okay?

Uh-huh. I know there have been a lot of things in the media and that sort of thing. If you are going to refer to any of that or whatever, that's fine, you just need to let us know, but otherwise, we are just looking for what you actually saw.

Okay. MR. All right. Okay, I also wanted to ask you are you under the influence of any drugs or alcohol today?

No. MR. Is there anything else that would influence your ability to tell us the truth today?

No, just anxiety. That's not going to stop me from telling the truth though.

MR. You just a little nervous?

Yeah. MR. Okay. That's normal, don't worry about that, that's perfectly normal.

Okay. MR. Let's go back through. As I said, I know that you gave a statement on August 14th and I understand that on that date you were in an minivan with your family; is that right?

That's right. MR. Were you sitting in the minivan?

I was sitting in the second row, in the middle of the second row.

MR. Did you have a clear view of what was going on?

Yes. MR. What was your view? I mean, where were you looking?

The windshield. MR. All right. You looking the front through the windshield?

Yes. MR. And you see a young man that's standing near a police cruiser; is that right?

Yes. MR. The young man, do you know who that is now?

I know now. MR. And based on just things that have happened since then?

I really don't like listen to radio or news like that.

MR. Uh-huh.

So the only thing I know is his name for real that's because I have been back to the complex

MR. ?

Yes. MR. What is the name of the young man at the side of the police cruiser?

Michael Brown. MR. Did you know that at the time?

No. MR. Did you know him at all?

No. MR. Okay. Is it okay then if we just refer to that young man as Michael Brown since you learned what his name is since then?

Yeah. MR. So you see him standing here at the police cruiser?

Yes. MR. And the police cruiser is in the street?

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