The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

couple inches. MR. Basically right there. Yeah. MR. What do you see? I see him talking, I don't know really what he was doing. I know that he had his back to me. MR. Uh-huh. His hands were in front of him. I don't know like, if you see a person behind, from the behind and you just see their arms, you don't see them like hanging down. MR. Okay. You see them in front of him? MR. So he's facing the police cruiser's driver's side door? Yeah. MR. Is there a police officer in the cruiser at the time? Yes. MR. Where is the police officer? In the driver's seat. MR. Okay. I understand it is an obvious question, but so the police officer is in the driver's seat, Michael Brown is facing the police officer? Yes. MR. At the driver's side. MS. Just for the recording, when you were demonstrating just a few moments ago, you said his hands were forward. You held your hands so that your elbows were bent at almost right angles with your hands slightly above waist level in front of you. Right. MR. Could you see what Michael Brown was doing with his hand at that time? No. MR. You just know that his hands were in front of him? Yes. MR. And you say he was just a few inches from the side of the police cruiser? Right. MR. Could you tell from your angle whether or not his hands were inside the vehicle or outside the vehicle? I don't know if his hands were in the vehicle. MR. You just couldn't tell? I just couldn't tell what he was doing. I just seen that his hands were like midway up, not like in the air, I don't know they weren't hanging down, so I don't know what he was doing. MR. His hands were in front of him. You can't tell what he was doing with his hands? Right. And then heard two gunshots. One, like I didn't really pay attention to because I was in the middle talking to my sister. And then the second one I clearly heard and then my mother asked me were they shooting at each other? I was like, I don't know. And then we look, we was watching it and Michael Brown took off running down Canfield the opposite of West Florissant, opposite way. MS. Was there anybody besides Michael Brown standing outside of the police cruiser. I didn't see the dude in the gray pants, I didn't see him standing by the cruiser. MS. Okay. I just seen him run from like behind it like kind of and he took off running across the field behind the other apartments. MR. Okay. So when you first, do you know who the other guy is? No. MR. You don't know his name? Huh-uh. MR. Can you describe him? He's a thin man, had on a black T-shirt and I guess gray jogging pants and I believe he had dreads. MR. Okay. He wasn't like MR. He was a young black male? Yes. MR. So thinner, dreads? Uh-huh. MR. And a younger black male? Uh-huh. MR. Is that right? Yes. MR. So the first time you see them you think he is somewhere around the back of the police vehicle? Right. MR. You see him take off running? Right. MR. When did he run, when did he take off running? After the first shot was fired, after the first two I heard. MR. Then you say Michael Brown after the second shot took off running down Canfield? Yes. MR. Okay. And at some point then do you see the police officer get out of the vehicle? Yeah, you seen the officer hop out of his cruiser and he is running behind and he's yelling stop. Then Michael turned around and started charging towards the officer and the officer still yelling stop. He did have his firearm drawn, but he was yelling stop, stop, stop. He didn't, so he started shooting him. MR. All right. So the police officer was yelling at him multiple times to stop? Yes. MR. At any time the police officer was yelling stop as he's charging at him, did Michael Brown stop? He slowed down, I thought he was going to stop, but he kept charging towards him. Like he slowed down for a second and then he started running again. Like he put his hand up in the air like, he put his hands up and then he put his hand like in front of him like this way. MR. Let's talk about this, you say he started to put his hands up? Yes. MR. Michael Brown did? Yes. MR. But then he pulled his hands down and you demonstrated that you kind of had a fist in front of you like at your chest height? Right. MR. And can you describe, he had his hands at his chest? His hands were balled up. He has his arms bent towards his chest and he's running like, you know, almost like a tackle running. MR. Okay. And I see him shoot him. I don't know, he wasn't going to stop. I don't know how many times he shot him altogether, but like you seen like one of the bullets hit him in the face, cause you seen like the splatter from it. I'm sorry, it distracted me for a second. MR. I understand, I understand. You say it didn't look like Michael Brown was going to stop. No. MR. He wasn't going of his own volition going to stop? He was running, he slowed down, and then he kept running and he shot him and was like for a second he kind of like slowed down and staggered. He kept charging, so he shot him again. MR. All right. You said that the police officer was at that time telling him to stop? Yes. MR. Repeatedly. You said that in your statement on August 14th that referring to Michael Brown you said the boy wouldn't stop, he fired three rounds, that would be the police officer? Right, he fired the three rounds first. MR. And the dude kept running and the police, you say the police officer fired four more rounds? Yes. MR. Does that sound about right? Yes. MR. And then he finished off the rounds and he fell on the ground, Michael Brown fell on the ground? Right. MR. How did he fall, did you see him fall? If you were in a standing position, he kind of stopped and he kind of like started to lean forward like this and then he kind of fell on his knees and smacked the ground on his face. MR. So he fell face first? Yes. MR. And when he was laying there on the ground, he was laying face first on the ground? Yes. MS. You indicated again, just for the tape, you were standing up just now. You had your right hand down near your waistband area and your left arm was sort of hanging down loose, is that how you recall it? No, that's just how I was standing. MS. Okay, that's good. Do you recall sort of what his hands were doing? When he went from running with his hands balled up like this. MS. His hands up by his chest? Yeah, he just kind of like stopped and was standing there, and he kind of just fell forward. MS. Okay. MR. As Michael Brown was running away from the police officer, from the police car, did you see the police officer shoot at him at all at that time? No, he did not fire at him. MR. How about, you said that when Michael Brown turned around, he briefly, looked like he briefly started to put his hands up? Right. MR. Was the police officer shooting at him at that time? No. MR. When did the police officer start shooting at him after the first two shots in the car? Urn, it took him a minute to fire at him for real. I probably would have shot him instantly you charge at me like that, but when he was running back he was screaming stop, stop. And the officer was backing up as he kept coming closer to him and he didn't stop. So he shot him three times and he was still charging towards him and he shot him again, shot him four more times. MR. Okay. So the police officer didn't start shooting again until Michael Brown was actually charging at him? Right. MR. As the police officer was yelling for him to stop? Right. MR. You say he's actually backing away from Michael Brown? Right. MR. All right. You want to take a quick break? MS. Just a couple quick follow-up then we can take a quick break. Did you see the officer, what did the officer do after Michael Brown fell to the ground? Got back up, I guess, I don't know. I mean, he didn't actually walk up on the body. MS. Okay. MR. Did you ever see him approach the body at all? No. MR. Or the area around it? Huh-uh. MR. Okay. MS. When you first came up on this situation and you are in your family's minivan, was Michael Brown already at the police car, was the police car already stopped? Uh-huh. MS. There is already some interaction as you come up? Yes. MS. That's what makes your vehicle stop? Yes. MS. When he was at the, when Michael Brown was at the police vehicle, you indicated that his hands were up in front of him and you could see that from the back because you couldn't see the lower part of his arms; is that right? Right. MS. Could you see where his head was? Like it was just in front of the car, like if you are standing, if you are like standing in front of the car like this. MS. Okay. I don't know exactly what it did. MS. Did you ever seen him lean into the car? No. MS. At that point you said you were talking with your sister? Yes. MS. It wasn't really until that first shot went off that Everybody just like. MS. Your full focus was on what was happening? Right. MR. When you say standing in front of the car, you talking about facing? Yeah, facing the cruiser. MR. Facing the driver's side. Driver's side of the cruiser. MS. Did you guys stay where you were when you pulled up here? Yeah, we pretty much stopped. MS. And didn't move. There was a little girl trying to hide on the side of our car from the shooting. MS. Do you know who she was? No. MS. Little girl, like a kid? Yeah, like maybe middle school. MS. Oh, yeah. Then after everything was done, after he's on the ground and did you guys move your car, what did you guys do? We stood there for a second, we sat there in the vehicle for a second like. MS. What do you do? Like, damn, you know, and then I went on into cause I still had to go right on MS. Did you drive past the body. Yeah. MS. Okay. But not down the street, I turned into the parking lot. Say this is the street, we're right here. MS. Okay. There is multiple places where you can drive into the parking lot. So we went in, we made a left and we went around. MS. Okay. Around the building? There is still a parking lot right here. We are at the bend where his body was laying. MR. Who was in the van with you that day?

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