The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

We are going to advance it until it begins.

MR. All right. Thanks for waiting. We have a few more questions for you. I think had a few follow-up questions she wanted to ask.

I just wanted to clarify. You saw his friend, the thinner one with the dreads run away? You didn't see him exit the car, you saw him run past the police, you saw him run behind the police cruiser?

Yeah, I don't know if he is directly behind me or if he was just on the other side where I couldn't see. I just seen him run from that way.

When did you see, you saw him run into the woods you say?

Not the woods, he ran behind the apartment buildings on the other side of the street.

Okay. Let me just. So here, that's West Florissant.

Uh-huh. So about -- Right in between these buildings.

When did you see him do that? Urn, wait, yeah. If you are over here somewhere?

Yeah, right over here where these trees are.

Okay. That was like right after the first two shots.

After the officer was still in the vehicle?

Yeah. You saw him run essentially south, to your right while you are looking at it right after those shots?

Right. Okay. MR. Just to be clear, you talked a little bit about where Mike Brown's hands were at the time he was standing at the side of the police vehicle.

Uh-huh. MR. And you wouldn't see if they were in front of him; is that right?

Right. MR. Somewhere sort of waist or chest height in front of him it looked like?

Yes. MR. You didn't see his hands up above his head?

No. MR. You didn't see hands like down by his dies?

No, they were in front of him.

MS. Could you see the officer in the vehicle?

No. MS. Michael Brown is a big guy, right?

When he's standing in front of the vehicle I could not see the officer.

MS. Because Michael Brown was blocking the vehicle basically?

Yes. And then you said you have a

? Uh-huh. Did she see it? No, Now, when you went because you said you drove around, did you drive this way?

Yes, and we had to pass through this way. We came this way.

MR. So you kind of came around the apartment building from behind?

Yeah. Did you tell her what you saw?

Yes. What did she think? She said she didn't even hear it

And have you been, I know things are different there, have you been back between that area?

I just spent the there.

Okay. Did you talk to people about what happened?

No, I don't talk to nobody in there.

Did you ever? No, I ain't never spoke to nobody. I know somebody in this building and my stays in that building. I don't even talk to her like that. I don't know nobody else in the complex. I go there for her.

Okay. MR. All right. I don't think we have anything else. Thanks for your time today.

Thank you. End the recording at 9:44 a.m.

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