The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

And hopefully this will play. This is the statement of It is 29 minutes and 11 seconds long. We do not have a transcript because this was actually the statement that he made last week. I'm not sure of the date, but it was done after he came from the State of

to come up here and testify. It was recently done, we don't have a transcript for that.

So, , if you can transcribe it, but we will go ahead and pause the recording during the playing of the disc. And at this time I'm going to leave the room because we have a witness here who I would like to speak with before he testifies. And so at this time, , if you want to pause that.

(This is the playing of the audio recording interview of I am also transcribing it.)

This is special agent We're at the FBI field office 2222 Market Street, St. Louis, Missouri. It is October 27th, 2014, 3:28 p.m. I'm here with USA and DOJ trial attorney and we are interviewing.

Okay. Get some info from you. Is your first name ?

Legally it's , but it was supposed to have been

Okay. But you go by Yes, ma'am. It is

? Yes, ma'am. You go by , okay. What is your current address?

Okay. What town? Okay. What's a good phone number for you?

Okay. What's your date of birth? A

Okay. Do you know your social security number?

Yes, ma'am. Okay. And where were you, what was your address on August 9th, 2014.

Okay. MS. So you guy by is it okay with you if we call you ?

Yes, ma'am. MS. So we talked a little bit before the recording started, but we basically just want to hear what you know about what happened. So if you tell us what other people told you that's fine, but just let us know those are what other people told you.

We're just looking to find, to figure out, like I said, what happened, we are just looking for you to tell us the truth.

We tell everybody who comes in here that it could be a crime to lie to the FBI, it is a crime to make material false statements to the FBI.

So I'm not assuming you are going to lie, but we want you to know that, okay?

Yes, ma'am. MS. All the answers need to be out loud, we are making a recording. If we ever do a transcript or you shake your head, obviously, the recording doesn't pick that up, okay?

Right. MS. So if you nod your head you are going to probably hear me say is that a yes or if you shake your head I will say is that a no, okay?

Yes. MS. Okay. If at any point you don't understand a question that we're asking you, let us know because we are not trying to trick you, we are just trying to figure out what happened. So sometimes we ask bad questions that doesn't make sense, just let us know. Because if you answer a question we are going to assume that you understood, it is that fair?

Yes, ma'am. MS. Okay. I just want to generally go through what you remember happening and then when we go back and ask you some questions to clarify to help us understand more what your perspective was.

Okay. MS. Okay. So you were living, you just said on Canfield Court back on August 9th?

Yes, ma'am. MS. And this is, you know Michael Brown?

Not really. MS. I think you said he was a friend of a friend?

Yes, he's a friend of a friend.

MS. Okay. Which friend is he a friend of?

I have a friend name MS. Okay. And did you ever hang out with Michael Brown?

No, ma'am. MS. When did you first meet him?

Probably when we were going to the store. There was three of us. Me, and Mike.

MS. When was that relative to when this all happened?

It was a couple years ago. MS. Years ago?

Yes, ma'am. MS. All right. So we will go to that in a second. What I want to talk about first is what you remember happening on August 9th.

Okay. Well, I seen Mike and some other young man walking down the street. And I was just sitting down on the porch just looking around and I seen the officer approach. Not sure if he said anything because I'm too for away. I didn't see or hear anything, but then I seen him almost like sort of run him over, run his foot over or something like that.

And I guess they got into a scuffle, but I went in the house to get my phone because I was going to go record it. But I heard a gunshot, so I raced outside. I went to the other side of the balcony and then I seen Mike Brown holding himself.

MS. (inaudible) You saw that he had his hand down around his stomach?

Yes, he had his hand like around his torso area.

MS. Okay. Which hand, do you remember?

Urn, I really don't remember which hand it was.

MS. Okay.

I just know he was holding himself and he turned around towards the officer and the officer kept firing. And I guess he was, I don't know if he stepped forward or if he was falling forward, but as he was falling forward, the officer was still firing.

MS. Okay. So you're saying and that is in total what you saw.

Yes, ma'am. MS. You said the officer was still firing, what did the officer do at some point, did the officer stop firing?

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