The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

No, ma'am. I just seen him at the car I just seen him like he was sort of kind of by the car, but then again, he was not inside of the car at the time when I saw. MS. Is this before or after you get your cell phone? This is before I went to get my cell phone. MS. All right. Let's divide it out. Let's talk about before you went to get your cell phone, you see the boys walking in the street? Yes, ma'am. MS. You see the police officer driving in the same direction that they are walking? Yes, ma'am. MS. Okay. What do you remember the police vehicle doing? Just pulled up towards them and that's it, that's all I can remember seeing. MS. Pulled up toward them how? Urn, I wouldn't say that he pulled up cautiously, but he pulled up as if he noticed that they did something wrong or something. MS. Okay. And so what, when the police officer pulled up to them, where was the police officer's vehicle in relation to the boys? Probably, I mean, they turned around so they was probably in front, they was in front of each other. MS. What kind of car was it? It was a police cruiser, I don't know. MS. Was it a car, a SUV? It was a SUV. MS. Okay. Did the SUV, did it pull up alongside of them, did it stop and go forward, did it stop, where was it relative to them? I mean, they turned around when he pulled up. MS. Okay. were they in relation to the car, does that make it easier? I guess in front of it. In front of it? MS. If you don't know, you don't know. I'm not sure, my memory is kind of MS. Okay. hazy, but I remember most of it. MS. Okay. So you see the SUV stop and you see the boys standing by the vehicle, right? Yes, ma'am. MS. And then is that when you go and get your phone? Yes, ma'am. MS. You don't see any sort of interaction between them? No, ma'am. MS. When you went to go get your phone, while you were getting your phone, did you hear anything? Yes, ma'am, I heard a gunshot. MS. Okay. So what did you hear? I went immediately outside. MS. Okay. Describe for us what you saw? When I went outside, they were, the police cruiser was still like by the apartment complex. MS. Okay. But they were up towards the street. MS. When you say they, who do you mean? Police officer Mike Brown, the friend was nowhere in sight. MS. You didn't see the friend after that? No, ma'am. MS. The only time you saw the friend was before you went and got your cell phone? Yes. MS. You come back out and you see Mike Brown and the police officer and you say where were they? They were up the street like a few feet, not too much, like 10, 15, 20 feet. MS. What were they doing, were they standing there, were they running, were they walking? Actually, he was standing there. MS. Who is he? Mike Brown and the police officer. The officer had his gun drawn at him. MS. Okay. And that's when Mike Brown turned around holding his wounds. MS. Okay. Did you actually see Mike Brown turn around or you assuming he turned around? I'm assuming he turned around. MS. So describe what you actually saw when you walked out there? When I walked out there, he was already facing towards the officer holding his wound. MS. Okay. You don't know how far he ran? No, ma'am. MS. And you don't know, you're assuming he turned around, you don't know whether he turned around or what he did that landed him in the position that you saw, which was standing with his arm in front of his torso, correct? Correct. MS. I think you just used the word holding his wound, did you see a wound? No, I didn't see a wound. I'm too far away. I'm just assuming that he had a wound right there, he's holding himself. MS. Based on his position? Yes, ma'am. MS. And when you saw, so what you, yourself, saw was Michael Brown facing the police officer and he was holding his front, his torso, right front of his stomach area? Yes, ma'am. MS. Lower stomach? Yes, ma'am, lower stomach, I believe. MS. You couldn't hear what he was saying? No, ma'am. MS. Did it look like they were saying anything or you too far away to see? To me it didn't look like they were saying anything. MS. Okay. You say you saw the police officer with his gun drawn? Yes, ma'am. MS. Did you see any shots fired? Yes, ma'am. I seen the last probably four. MS. Okay. As he was going to the ground, I seen every shot that he got hit with going to the ground. MS. Okay. Let's back up for a second, this is my fault. So Michael Brown is standing there with his arm around his torso and the police officer is standing in front of him, so describe what you see? The officer starts to fire while he's holding himself and he starts to fall forward. MS. When you say he, you mean Michael Brown? Yes, ma'am, Michael Brown. He starts to fall forward, Michael Brown starts to fall forward and the police officer, I think, fires two more times as he's falling forward and then after that he stops. MS. Okay. When you walk out onto the balcony, was the police officer already shooting? No, ma'am. MS. All right. So you heard the first shot when you were inside and then you saw the last four or five shots I believe you said?

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