The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Yes, ma'am. MS. You didn't see the interaction by the vehicle? No, ma'am. MS. You went to get your phone, you heard a gunshot, correct? Yes, ma'am. MS. By the time you came back out, Michael Brown was facing the police officer and Michael Brown had his hand around his torso, correct? Yes, ma'am. MS. And then you saw a police officer shoot four or five times and Michael Brown go to the ground? Yes, ma'am. MS. Is that correct? Yes, ma'am. MS. Did I miss anything? No, ma'am. MS. Did I put any words in your mouth or I got that right? You got that right. MR. Do you recall about how far the police officer and Michael Brown were when the last shots were fired? Mike Brown, he is in the middle of the street and the officer was towards the curb. MR. Can you put a distance on it? Probably about six, seven, six or seven feet apart. MR. Okay. MS. So let's go back for a second. You first met Michael Brown when you were going to the store. What's your friend's name again? MS. What's his last name? MS. Does still live in the Canfield area? I'm not sure. I moved so. MS. I know you moved in August. But he moved before I moved. When I came back in July, to come back to St. Louis in July, he was already gone. MS. So before July, when was the last time you saw him? Before I moved to MS. How long did you live in for? Since November. MS. So prior to that, other than the time going to the store, did you hang out with him ever? No, ma'am. MS. Just that one time? Yes, ma'am. MS. What was he like when you saw him that one time? He was pretty quiet. We didn't exchange too many words. I was just riding basically. MS. You just what? I was just riding basically. MS. You were on the way to the store? Yes, ma'am. MS. Did you graduate high school? Yes, ma'am. MS. Where did you go? High School. Is that in Did you ever go to high school in Missouri? Yes, ma'am. Where did you go? I went to High School. ? Yes, ma'am. MR. I think earlier when you were taking us through what you saw that day, you said something about Mike Brown took a step towards him, couldn't tell what exactly if he was stumbling or if he was taking a step, can you describe that? Well, it looked like as if he was just falling, I mean. But he took his step, his right foot went forward and I just seen him just drop to his knees and fall to the ground. MR. All right. MS. Did you see the friend that showed up out on Canfield after that at all? No, ma'am, not until probably the next day. MS. Okay. Did you have any interaction with the friend? No, ma'am. I have no idea who he is. MS. Where did you see him when you saw him the next day? He was in Canfield. MS. Was he just like hanging out, what was he doing? He was walking. MS. Okay. Did you talk to anyone about this when it happened? Just my parents. MS. How about any of your neighbors? No, not that I know of. MR. You said initially that people were talking about what went on at the side of the police car. You said that when you saw it you didn't really see anything that happened there and you didn't know if he was inside the car or not, but other people were talking about that, remember that? Yes, sir. MR. Who were those people, were those people up there? Just neighbors, everybody in the neighborhood was talking about it. MR. When was that? This was the same day. MR. People coming out and talking about it? Yes, sir. MR. All right. You turned a little bit of video over to the FBI. That video, you took that on your phone; is that right? Uh-huh. MR. That's after the shooting was over? Yes, sir. MR. You didn't capture any of the actual shooting on your phone? No, sir. MR. Right at the beginning of that video people, you say people are going crazy. You hear some voices on that, what were you referring to there, what was going on? I believe his kin, Michael Brown's kin, his family, they were all by his body on the curb, they was just yelling and screaming, you know. MS. Do you know any of his family members? No, ma'am. MR. Based on what you saw, do you have any idea what happened from the time the police first pulled up there until the time the policeman fired those last four or five shots, do you know what went on there at all based on what you saw or heard that day? From what I heard is that they had a scuffle inside the car. MR. Okay. I'm not talking about what you heard from other people, I'm just talking about what you actually saw? I didn't see what happened at all. MR. You didn't see what happened until those last four or five shots? Yes, sir. MR. Based on what you saw there at the end, did you have feeling about what had happened there? Yes. MR. And what was that? I felt that the police officer did that very unjustly, he overkilled basically. After the first shot, I mean, he didn't really have to shoot the young man in the first place. They have other means of, you know, corralling the suspect, you know, taser, anything else. He shot him the first time, even if you did have to shoot him, he didn't have to keep going, he didn't have to kill him because he was unarmed. MR. From what you saw that day, could you tell why the police officer shot at Mike Brown? I'm not sure why. MR. Okay. MS. And you don't know what happened in the car, right? No, ma'am. MS. And you don't know what happened while you were inside, correct? No, ma'am. MS. Okay. MR. That's one of the reasons I'm asking because on that video you referred to, you said he shot him like six times. And you said for no reason, do you recall that? Yes, sir. MR. Is it fair to say you didn't see what happened before those last four or five shots; is that right? Yes, sir. MR. So do you know what the reason was the police officer shot him, if any? No, sir. MR. Okay. That's fair enough. MS. I think when you originally spoke to the FBI in you heard like two shots when you were inside, did you hear two or one or not sure? I'm not sure. I heard one for sure, I know that for sure. MS. And just so you know what I'm looking at, when you are interviewed by the FBI though and what you said, that's all I'm looking at. So it is a summary of what you told them. MR. After that one shot that you're sure you heard while you were inside, you didn't hear any other shots after that until the four or five that you actually saw? I mean, not that I remember. MR. Okay. But other than that -- MR. I'm not suggesting that should or shouldn't of, I'm just trying to be sure that basically when you are in the apartment getting your cell phone, you hear at least one shot inside? Yes, sir. MR. You mentioned two before, as said at the FBI you mentioned two. You remember one for sure, maybe two, and then is it fair you don't recall hearing or seeing any other shots until those last four or five that you actually saw right before Mike Brown went down? Correct. MR. Take a break. MS. Give us a minute. MR. We'll be back with you in just a minute. You can step outside with your mom if you want. We're just going to go in the other room here. We'll be back in just a minute. Thank you. (Pause in the interview.) MR. , come back in and we'll finish up. Just a couple minutes. Thank you, ma'am. All right. Just to be clear, we took a break, obviously, we left the recorder running here just so we don't have to start it over again, but when we're on the break you went out to the lobby and sat with your mom for a little while? Yes. MR. She's out there waiting for you. Yes. MR. We weren't out there, right? You weren't. MR. Okay. We just went to a different room, we didn't talk about this at all during the break, correct? Right. MS. We just want to ask you a couple other things just so we understand better. What made you move back to , you moved the day after? Yes. Just didn't want to stay with my father any more. MS. Did it have anything to do with this incident, the shooting? No, ma'am. MS. Before you said you went and got your cell phone, you had mentioned on your actual video that you gave to the FBI that you wish you would have recorded it. So you ran and got your cell phone, how come you didn't record what you saw? Because it all happened too fast. MS. Okay. Way too fast. I had to unlock my phone and go all the way to my camera and all that, I didn't have no time to do none of that. MS. It was like right when you walked outside it was happening? Yes, ma'am. MS. Okay. MR. All right. You talked a little bit about some of the talk that kind of went on that day. And after that, can you just kind of tell us about that, about what people were talking about, or we know, we already talked about what you actually saw that day. Right. MR. But just what you heard or what people were talking about? The people were telling me that apparently the officer pulled him inside of the car and I guess he was reaching for his gun or something, and the officer shot him in his hand or shot at him or something and then he ran away. That's all I know. MS. People were saying that right when it happened? Yes, ma'am. MS. You left the next day, right? Yes. MS. You really only had that first day on Canfield. What was it like around there, like the people around? Terrible. MS. Could you describe it? It was very chaotic, I will tell you that. And the police officers really didn't make anything better than what it was, especially when they brought the dogs out. That was very unnecessary. MS. How were the people in the community acting? They were all riled up for the incident. They all just doing crazy things, yelling all over the place, some were praying, some were like, I wouldn't say intimidating the officers, but they were just standing in front of them with their hands up saying don't shoot and things like that. MR. At the time that you saw Mike Brown before he went down, he had his arms down around his torso at that time? Yes. MR. Okay. Urn, I don't think I have anything else. MS. I don't have any more questions. Just real quick, this is very small. ? MS. Okay. That's it. Is there anything else you want to tell us? No, ma'am. MS. Do you think that we treated you fairly? Yes. MS. Did we put any words in your mouth? No, ma'am. MS. Everything you told us is what you wanted to tell us and the truth? Yes, ma'am. MS. Thank you for coming here. No problem.

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