The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

With toxicology, you kind of have some flexibility in what you want to take, but standard specimens that I take on a full examination pretty much every time I always take some type of blood, I try to preface where it is coming from. I take urine and I also take vitreous fluids, which is fluid from the eyes, and I take liver and I take brain. I have to specifically tell the tox lab to test the brain and the liver if I'm concerned or worried about substances being in those organs. So for this particular case, the substances that were generated were active and metabolites of marijuana. Those particular things are found in the blood and it is not necessary to correlate them to the brain or the liver. The blood samples are going to give an accurate representation of the levels that were in his body at the time of his death. So submitting the brain and the liver is unnecessary. Okay. A

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