The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

When I say that, we have certain channels on our recording device. We have what they call trunk systems. 911 we have five trunks. What it is, say you are dialing 911 into me, then all of the sudden she dials 911 that will go to trunk two and then all of the sudden he dials 911, that's going to go to the next trunk system three. So we have a bunch of systems in there going because we constantly get 911 calls. So what I did was, I go back and check all the trunks on the 911 system and I also check point-to-point, I check the fire station, the North County Fire. We have backup, our police backup. I will use the police backup because it is a clearer and more. I mean, you can hear everything in there. When you're on the backup system, you can actually, somebody wants a tape or something, I will just go straight to that. I won't just use the main channel because you don't get the static, you don't get the cars, people talking behind them. It will be a clearer sound. And then also we have our phone numbers. You know, we come in with 522-3100, then it keeps going. They have all the detectives' numbers in there and everything else. So the list of everything I'm looking at is probably about this long. (indicating)

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