The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

I don't know. Probably, and to this day I don't know. Maybe I should have gone over to the scene to see the composition of the roadway that he fell on.

But usually falling face down, for example, causes bruising of the nose. The face is kind of protected. We have, people normally, normal person falls face forward instinctively put their hands out to protect themselves.

When somebody loses consciousness or somebody is drunk, you see this in people who are drunk, they can fall face forward and not instinctively protect themself. And then the bruising in the prominences of the face, the nose gets most of the damage.

The eye sockets don't, they are recessed a bit. So I think that by falling face down, and then falling face down you get ruptured blood vessels and bruises being black and blue marks. Abrasions being scrape marks on the skin, like your child falls down and skids along some ground, they can get scrapes.

The scrapes are different than black and blue marks. There were scrapes here. So it happen to rub against something, it is rubbing of the outer layer of the skin. I don't think that would have occurred from an unprotected fall. And the nose was not that damaged either.

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