The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

When I look at it close, it also has markings of a reentry. It is not quite as round as an entry wound would be. And this one would be three, three of the bullet wounds and these are the wounds, these are the wounds where bullets were recovered it turns out.

The bullet was recovered here from the side of the face, right side through the brain from the side of the face and was recovered from within the autopsy of the head.

The second bullet comes through the face into here and then is recovered in the area of the lung, and the third bullet here comes in here and largely goes through causing a fracture of the eighth rib.

See up here is the third rib and this by the eighth rib and is found, goes through the eighth rib and the lung, the lower portion, this upper lung or lower lung on the right and it is found next to the eighth rib in the back.

And what we found in the second autopsy is that it was the incision made in the back, not through any injury as it was an incision made to recover that bullet.

In order to recover the bullet in the back, it was underneath the skin, they had made some incisions at the time of the first autopsy and that all comes into how we have to examine bodies when there is a re-autopsy. We inferred that there was a bullet taken out, but I didn't see the photos until yesterday.

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