The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Yes, the head by three o'clock, thank you. The reason I'm showing this, I did examine his clothing yesterday at the police building and was impressed, which I haven't realized it that there were drops of blood that had come from drippings from above. And there was some on the socks, which you can see closer if you look at the socks, drops of the socks.

There had to be a time, from the time that Mr. Brown was injured and bleeding until he collapsed where the blood was coming from above. And the only place I could figure out it came from was the hand.

So that after he takes his hand from the car, he is dripping blood that goes, there's also some on the shirt, but that has a lot of blood that developed after he was on the ground because the body kept oozing blood while he's laying face down after he's dead. And so there's a lot of blood that occurred after he died, but these drops of blood all came while he was alive and to me had some significance about this occurring while he was going away from the car.

I can't tell from this how far away from the car he was, but he did not leave that car without realizing that he had suffered an injury to the hand. Whatever psychological effect that has on people, he knew he was bleeding, he knew he had a gunshot wound to the hand.

And the skin on the car matches coming from here. So that I think that, whoever examined the car, they did a very fine job to find a piece of tissue on the car because it had already dried and all, when he takes the hand out of the car after it's injured, it goes against, it leans against the car, wherever that was taken from, I don't know which part of the outside it was and then he continued in a way that depends on eyewitnesses and all.

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