The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

A very topical question. Yeah, marijuana is not a drug, it is a group of about 18 different chemicals. So that it isn't like taking a barbiturate or cyanide, which is just one chemical, marijuana has all kind of different chemicals where it is grown, the fertilizer, the water supply. The one that is most active is the Delta-9, tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. He had some of that in his blood. And that could affect, could have affected him, however, it is a relative small amount and how it affects somebody varies. Some people can have hallucinations with a lot of marijuana, other people just go to sleep. During the '30s, 1930s, there was terror of marijuana that it made everybody go crazy, it doesn't make people go crazy. That's why the laws have been so strict on it, but now it is coming into more legal status in some places. Marijuana is kind of unpredictable, some people can take marijuana and do funny things and other people are just perfectly normal with it. The problem, marijuana from the toxicology point of view, marijuana gets into the soft tissues and fatty tissues in the body. So even though I smoked a joint two days ago, I might still have little bits coming out today into the bloodstream, or even studies have done for three or four weeks as it's released from the fat. So the amount of marijuana he has could cause abnormal behavior, but usually doesn't. The best indicator of that would be what his behavior was in the time period before and I try to look at that and you see the incident with the cigars, where he took the cigars or the little cigars. Would that in any way be affected by marijuana I think is a guess. Was he walking the street because of marijuana? That isn't usually what happens with marijuana, but it could be and it is too variable. If all of us smoked the same amount of marijuana, we would all act differently. Most of us would just feel very nice about it, somebody might not feel very bad about it and some people may go to sleep and somebody might do something that he wouldn't normally do, but that's, but it was present, but he did take it within a day or two.

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