The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

An autopsy can never be evaluated in a vacuum, we always have to have other information that we get from various sources. Somebody falling out of a window will have the same injuries, whether he was pushed, whether he jumped and committed suicide or whether he fell accidently. No autopsy can interpret all by itself because all kind of different reasons why injuries can occur. What I receive, the information I received initially was what the lawyers had told me and what I read in the New York Times about, you know, rioting in Ferguson. I don't get stuff off the internet. I got the autopsy report, which is just three weeks ago or something, but I think it is unreliable, I agree with you, until you get an official one. I read about the disputes that were going on. I read about how there was a leak about the FBI reporting that there was Brown's blood DNA in the car. I could say that that injury to the hand was consistent with that, that's all, not that it happened that way, but other people are doing other investigations in their expertise. Any autopsy report, hospital, medical examiner, forensic has to include lots of other information, some of which are gotten from police, some from lawyers, some from family. None of which can automatically be adopted as true just to see how it correlates with the autopsy report.

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