The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Good morn1ng. It lS Friday, November 21st, it is 9:24 a.m. This is Kathi Alizadeh, Sheila Whirley is present, all 12 grand jurors are present, as 1s the court reporter.

And we've spent about an hour kind of talking about some procedural issues and matters and concerns that the grand jurors had.

We did not discuss any of the evidence or testimony so that discussion was had not on the record.

I do want to tell you that as, s1nce you last met, which was on Thursday, last week, I've taken this week to go through every transcript that has been produced, which we are up-to-date. We have the transcript from last Thursday and what I've done is I made a chart and I made a chart that had the name of every witness who testified and whether or not that witness made statements prior to their testimony.

As you know, it was originally our plan that we would put on witness statements prior to the witness testifying. We play statements, we provide transcripts when we had them, but over the weeks because of scheduling issues and problems getting witnesses in, we kind of got away from that. We'll put the witness on now and we'll listen to their statements later.

I wanted to make sure that I had put everything on and, of course, I discovered that I'm not perfect and we have not, so I want to make this representation to y'all.

And, aga1n, names of witnesses will be redacted from the transcripts, so I'm just going to go ahead and say their names. But if you will recall, there was a witness testified, her name 1s

She is the and she did testify and I did play a statement of hers that was taken on the date of the shooting by the St. Louis County Police Department and that statement was three minutes long.

Apparently there is another statement of hers that was given to the FBI on September 2nd and that statement is 11 minutes and 58 seconds. I did not play that, but I have it hear, all right.

So I'm going to go through each of these and then we will discuss whether or not you want us to play or give you just the transcripts of what have you.

There was another witness or another young man who did not testify, but you'll recall

he originally made a statement to St. Louis County Police on the day of the shooting. It was a ten-minute recorded statement that we played for you where he described having witnessed the incident.

testified last week about a phone call and we played a phone call for you from that witness where he said, no, he really didn't see it, he just said he saw it. So there is another statement of that was given to the joint investigators, so United States attorney, Justice Department attorney and FBI people, that was given on September 26th. It's 15 minutes and 58 seconds long, and I did not play that one for you. I have listened to it and actually that's how I knew

was recanting the story. The essence of that statement he says, I didn't really see it.

But that statement is also, I have it in here. So we can play that for you if you want to hear that one.

There was a woman testified named , she's the one who, I believe, was taking her trash out when she heard the shots. She made two statements, one on August 9th on the date of the shooting and one on August 16th to the FBI. During their canvas, remember the week after they did a knock on door canvas?

I have given you those two transcripts already, and at the time you all said you didn't need to hear the statement, the statement played because you have the transcripts.

But again, I have those statements here and if you desire to hear them, we can play them.

Then there's , you will remember she's the woman from who was taking a drive into Canfield Apartment Complex and testified that she witnessed the shooting. I've already played for you a statement that she made to the joint investigators, the U.S. attorney, Department of Justice attorney and FBI agents. That statement was on October 22nd. It was an hour and 38 minutes long and there was no transcript of the statement at that time, but the court reporter took down the statement as we played it, and so you've heard that statement.

There is another statement that was made previously by her on September 11th to the St. Louis County Police Department, that statement is 44 minutes and 52 seconds long. I don't have a transcript of that statement, but I have that audio if you want to hear that as well.

There was witness if you recall, he was kind of like, he said he was kind of like the godson to He was on his balcony trying to make a cell phone call because he gets better reception out on his balcony.

He made a statement that I played for you on September 30th. It was a statement made to joint investigators. It was 33 minutes and 14 seconds long. And you've already heard that one and have a transcript of that.

He also made a statement on the day of the FBI's canvas on August 16th and that statement is 22 minutes and 31 seconds. And I have that statement, but I have not played it for you, nor do I have a transcript.

I don't know if you recall , she's the witness who says she likes her gospel mus1c and she was rocking to the gospel mus1c 1n her car when she pulled into the complex that day and witnessed the shooting from behind, from inside her vehicle.

She made a statement to joint investigators that statement was made on August 15th, 2014.

At the time I asked you if you wanted to hear y'all told me you didn't think you wanted to, but I have the transcripts already prepared at that time because I was thinking we would play it. So at this time I'll pass out the transcripts for her statement and y'all can have those and if you want to hear her statement, we can play that one as well.

Then there was , he's the gentleman who was making internet kind of video phone call to a female friend and he unwittingly recorded the sounds of gunshots, and I didn't play his statement. His statement was given to the FBI on August 18th, it is ten minutes and 41 seconds long. I don't have a transcript, but I do have that statement if you want to listen to it.

There 1s , he's the witness who had called into that POD cast show, that

and had made statements that seem to indicate that he had seen the shooting. And he came in and testified to you about what he saw.

He made a statement to St. Louis County Police and the FBI actually on the day that he testified in the grand jury because he would not make a statement to the police he actually was subpoenaed to come into grand jury to testify.

So when he arrived at our office, FBI agent and then sat down with him and took his statement and that's recorded. I don't have a transcript, but I do have the statement, that statement is 53 minutes and three seconds, so if you want to hear that one you can.

, she was the physician assistant who treated Officer Wilson on the day of the shooting.

She made a statement to joint investigators on August 27th of 2014. Her statement was recorded and is 16 minutes and 29 seconds long. I don't have a transcript, but I have a statement if you want to hear that.

made a statement to joint investigators on the 9th before he testified 1n this grand jury. So that would have been on November 12th and his statement is two hours and 40 minutes long if you would like to hear that. Actually, I do have a transcript, they delivered the transcript to me as well. So I have a transcript and that statement.

I didn't print out the transcript because obviously it is quite voluminous. If you need it, I will certainly print out cop1es for everyone.

And then finally , she was the woman who was in the vehicle with her mom and dad and sister and her daughter, she made two statements. Neither of which have been played to you. One was on August 21st to the St. Louis County Police, that's 19 minutes and 15 seconds long. And the other one was to joint investigators and that was made, I think, the day before she came in and testified here, that would be November 12th. And that statement is 35 minutes and 45 seconds long.

And maybe at a morn1ng break, I'm go1ng to g1ve this chart to the foreperson. I've highlighted the ones missing statements so you guys can talk amongst yourselves if there 1s any need to hear those statements or get transcripts for those statements, we can do that before you deliberate.

GRAND JUROR: Whatever happened to the witness somebody who didn't want to come?

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