The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

lot of these witnesses who were spoken to were spoken to by either county police officers on the day of the shooting or the day after the shooting and then sometimes on that following weekend when the FBI did their canvas they were spoken to. Some of these interviews are as short as three minutes. As an example, I'll use She was interviewed by a county detective on the date of the shooting. I think her interview was something like three minutes. Not very detailed. Not very, you know, there isn't even anything in her statement at that time as to what car she was driving. As you know, that kind of became an 1ssue. She testified she had the and that kind of is an 1ssue. I'm only speculating as to the reason that they were conducting their own interviews. I think that definitely witnesses needed more 1n depth interviews and they determined they were going to do those, but I can't really tell you, it would be speculating on my part if they had any other kind of motive or desire, but they are running their own investigation. They will, they are prepar1ng a report with recommendations of their own so they feel a need to actually talk to every witness themselves. Okay. Also we did not have it at the time, but actually emailed a copy of his CV after he testified, so I marked that as Exhibit 103.

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