The transcripts of the Grand Jury testimonies about the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

So these photographs, which we already started some testimony about, I did a little better job attaching them. And just so for the grand jury to understand what I've done here, I have three boards and each board represents a vantage point. So the actual vantage point, the picture of that vantage point is on the back of the board.

So as you see here on the back of this board, there 1s a cone in the middle of the street. That would be where the police vehicle was. And so when you then look at the pictures that are on front of the board, and you've heard Detective

testify about how the photographer stood 1n that location over that cone, actually stood, straddled the cone and would take pictures moving clockwise 360, so that we would have an idea of what can be seen from that vantage point to help you figure out where people were, what they might have seen, parts of it they might have seen.

And actually, when I prepared these boards, I did it us1ng what's called removable tape because I wanted y'all to be able to take these pictures off if you needed to or move them around if you needed to. But unfortunately, removable tape doesn't stay very well and the next day I came 1n and these pictures were like all on the floor.

As you see they're coming off somewhat and so I've provided a tape dispenser for you. If you see that, see how this is coming off here. This is because this tape doesn't stick well.

I'm taking these down so they stay. You should be able to pull them off. If there is a need to remove them and move them around 1n any way.

But I believe we finished up with this board which I did not mark last week, but I'm going to mark now.

(Grand Jury Exhibit Number 104 marked for identification.)

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